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Hey Y’all!

Listen, if you like a good story you are in the right place. We’ve been friends since we met at a God-awful fraternity formal our freshman year. Kate’s date was a super-dork, but I was on my first date with Duncan. (Oh yeah, Abbie here. You’ll find I usually have a lot more to say than Kate.)

Anyway, Duncan’s fashion was questionable, but I overlooked it because he seemed to have a big heart and a big wallet and that was just enough potential for me to see the relationship through the fraternity years and lure his happy ass down the aisle.

Frankly, teaching a man how to dress is a hell of a lot easier than marrying a fashionable philanderer who ends up selling cell phones for a living. But that’s just me.

Kate, however, was adamant about holding out for the total package.

Let’s be honest though, two out of three in the trifecta of finding the perfect man is pretty dang good.

My experience has been that if you find a guy with looks, money, and heart, it’s usually a sham. Next thing you know you’re telling people he’s in Africa building wells for orphans when he’s really in a drunk tank in Hazelgreen, Alabama, drying out from the single-barrel bourbon he’s been loving on for the better part of two decades. Or worse…

But again. That’s just me.

Anyway, this is where you can read about all of our past adventures. Apparently there’s a novel being written about what has gone on this year. Y’all wouldn’t believe it.

You’ll meet our friends, read about our weddings, hear about our kids, and about the time Duncan’s bird dog ate all of Kate’s momma’s prize-winning roses and then promptly deposited the digested remains on her antique Aubusson rug right before a garden party.

We’ve been inseparable since we were 18 years old. Let’s just say that’s slightly over half of our lives and we are slightly middle-aged now. A whole lot of nonsense has gone down since 1994, and this is where the past is being told. ¬†You’ll have to wait a bit to find out what’s been happening lately.

Let’s just say that my theory about men has festered into fact…